Welcome to the Shit Show of Online Dating

Hi there! I’m the Sexy Suburb Mom. I’m recently divorced after a 15 year relationship, and I have three kids elementary aged and younger. I live near a major US city, in an upper-middle class suburb with excellent schools and amazing parks and rec system. I’m on the PTA, I work, I have a dog, and I’m having casual sex with people for the first time in my adult life. I also curse. A lot. So get fucking used to it.

When I met my ex-husband, I was 19 years old. I had had sex before meeting him with a few guys in college and high school, but was still in a very adolescent mindset. Lots of emotions being mixed up in sex and lots of social taboos influencing me and my choices (and my partners’ choices). Well since then, I’ve gone to college, and graduate school, the world has loosened up a bit in regards to sexuality, and honestly, IDGAF. Because I’m an adult and I do what I want.

So join me on this fucked up shit-show known as online dating. Back in my day, online dating was for losers and sexual deviants. Now, it’s the norm. And let me tell you, there is definitely a normal bell-curve distribution (oh yeah, I’m also a HUGE nerd), for the level of weirdness in the online dating world. I’ve only been on the scene for about 4 months, and I already have more stories than I know what do to with, so I started this blog, bc someone should be able to laugh at my pain. Enjoy.

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